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Royal Enfield— Built By The Himalayas

Droga5 ︎ London

When the brief says 'must be shot in the Himalayas' you know you're onto something special.

9 months and many altitude sickness tablets in the making, the first of our Royal Enfield Himalayan campaign is finally out. Shot by the incredible Achille Mauri.

Whatever you expect a journey across the Himalayas to be like, it will always be different. That place is unpredictability manifest. A truth we all experienced on the shoot.

This whole project was such a brilliant push from the entire team at Droga5 it has been awe inspiring to witness. So happy we got the merch out too it looks killer.

Dirty Robber --
Directors Martin Desmond Roe & Travon Free

Droga5 --

Shelley Smoler, Stephanie McArdle, Matteo Alabiso, Anya Landolt, Julia Kuisma & Kateryna Kotikhina, Matt Hubbard, Ed Redgrave, Oscar Gierup, Cameron Turner-Lowe, Conor Hamill, Damien Le Castrec, Aaron Harridge, Liv Francis-Cornibert, Michael O'Brien, Rob Wicksteed, Josh Morgan, Ben Allan, Peter Montgomery, Tom Falck, James Plaxton, Tim Larke, Justin Stokes

PH Team --

Achille Mauri, Claudia Decaro, Ashwin Raiturkar, Jessica Ghielmetti, PURO MGMT, Studio Private

And Royal Enfield --
Mohit Dhar Jayal, Adarsh Saxena, Aiyappa MP, Naomi Mitchell


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